Exciting new MS exercises for foot drop


I know, I know! I hate exercises too!  Even as a physical education teacher and a sports administrator, I still hate exercises! I think I relate calisthenics with exercise.  (And I definitely do not like calisthenics!) Because when I swim I love it. When I do my physical and occupational therapy exercises I know I am maintaining the best muscle function I can.

In a recent email from multiple sclerosis news today, I saw this post titled “Improve MS Patients’ Mobility With These Foot exercises “. I had to check it out!  Meghann Koppele explains her method for strengthening exercises for the feet.

My foot drop is on my right side. I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped, stumbled, and fallen hard. I started a new medication, Ampyra, about six months ago. It is dubbed the walking pill. It seems to have helped in dramatic ways!  If I am on a flat surface and going straight, I really see a difference. But if I’m in a tight space or have to move around shelves in a store, I have to take little tiny baby steps in order to keep my balance.

Being on the right side, I also have trouble when driving. I don’t think it is at a point yet, where I need hand controls. But if I am doing a lot of stop and go driving, my foot and leg really fatigue and it becomes difficult to move my foot from the accelerator to the brake.  So I have to use my left arm to help pick up my leg. Sometimes it gets stuck underneath the break and that is really scary.

The link takes you to a video as Megann  explains all of the exercises. I am definitely going to add these exercises to my therapy routine. I hope that they can help you too!



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