Cats? Or Dogs?

Are you a cat or dog person? I’ve always been a dog person. We were never allowed to have pets as we were growing up, because both my parents had bad experiences. But as soon as I was on my own and married we got two dogs. One was a gentle, intelligent, and playful German Shepherd, who could jump about 8 feet in the air to get a frisbee. The other was a Springer Spainel/Spinter mix.  When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, and was convalescing at home, she never left my side. Over the years we’ve had several dogs. 

One Christmas Eve I had the kids in the car and we were going to the Humane Society. But they didn’t know that. So when we pulled up in front of the facility, they started screaming, because they knew that their Christmas present would be a new dog for each of them.   Another time we got a dog from a local farm. She was a border collie and didn’t like farm life. She came to us smelling like a skunk. We tried the tomato juice route, but it really didn’t work. 

So I really am a dog person. You can play with them, they’re loyal, intelligent, can your read moods, and just fun to be around. However, cats seem to like me. Not sure why. Whenever I go into a home that has cats, they always seem to come right to me. I have not figured that out. I always say it is because they’re so obnoxious. Sorry cat lovers!

My son recently got a small kitten that has become the ruler of the family.  I have to say he’s cute. But he keeps trying to drink my water out of my class! What’s really funny about this cat is that he likes to play fetch. You’ll throw his mouse to the other side of the room, he’ll go get it, bring it back, drop it so that you can throw it again. That’s not normal for a cat, is it?

I have a heat sensitivity that is part of my multiple sclerosis symptoms.  But my hands and my ankles are constantly cold.  So I get a throw blanket and put it over my ankles. The picture you see is the cat sitting on the blanket on top of my legs. Funny animals!


29 thoughts on “Cats? Or Dogs?

  1. I’m a dog person. Have you heard of Hachi ? There was a movie called Hachi, Hollywood version, starring Richard Geere. The original Hachi was a Japanese dog, and the people there had a statue built for him at the train station where he waited for his master to arrive, for 9 years. And everywhere in japan, one can find a statue of Hachi.


  2. I started with cats in an apartment but got me first dog when I moved into my house. I am a dog person owning both. However I’m a fan of pets in general because they just add unconditional love to a home. 🐶🐶🐶😺😺😺

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  3. Thank you for sharing this great post. Have had both cats and dogs. Great pic how a cat or any pet can snuggle up to us and let us know they love us. Never heard of a cat playing fetch….have seen mine be interested in the chase at times but never returned with anything and usually not return at all as that game was quickly boring! They are all characters !!

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  4. Aw, that’s totally not fair that you didn’t get a pet because of your parent’s experiences! Great writing tho 🙂 and cats ftw


  5. I had cats growing up and always thought of myself as a cat person. But when I got married we ended up getting dogs, two big gigantic dogs to be exact and while I love them to pieces I often wish I had a cat to snuggle with. I suppose it’s possible to be both a cat and a dog person?

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