Overwhelming, Daily Prompt

Having multiple sclerosis is overwhelming. It’s overwhelming because there is apparently no cause and no cure. And everyone is different. It’s like a snowflake, each person who has MS has a different set of symptoms. It all depends on where the immune system decides to attack the mylin sheath on our nerves. And every day is different. I might feel on top of the world one day and the next down in the gutter. But my strong Christian faith, keeps me from being swept away. God is my anchor



3 thoughts on “Overwhelming, Daily Prompt

  1. I remember being tested for MS because of the symptoms I had and the fear that came along with not knowing – although the MRI was negative other chronic conditions have been discovered. I am often asked if I pray for healing – yes I have – but when I get up and preach and/or lead worship week after week, both of which the doctor’s felt would not be possible, I realize I may not be totally healed as in the health problems are gone, but I am healed if only for a few hours every week so that I can live out my calling – I guess I get a miracle every week sometimes more than once a week – God is good

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