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One of the newsletters I get on a weekly basis on Wednesdays is from I really enjoy reading the stories and articles and recommend that you also sign up for it.  There are regular contributors to the newsletter, and they have published articles I have submitted.

The website has information about what is MS, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, research, community, and tools.  Right now they have “MS in America 2016” survey results. It’s very interesting and insightful.  It is amazing how similar yet different everyone’s symptoms are.

Back to this week’s newsletter. There is an article entitled “Well you look good–Understanding that you don’t understand”. It is by a regular contributor Matt Alan G.

There is an article by Devin Garlit, also a regular contributor, titled “There is MS information everywhere but how should you use it?”  I can really relate to that!!    He says it can be overwhelming at times. He goes on to say “Sometimes I have to take a step away because there’s so much out there these days!”  He also talks about where you should begin if you’re newly diagnosed, and everyone is different.

Once in a while the editorial team also has an article. This week’s article is called practicing self-care on a budget. This article lists things that you can do that are totally free. Such as breathe, and I can really relate to that one. I find myself taking cleansing breath’s throughout the day to help focus and not be overwhelmed.  Practicing good hygiene, changing your mindset, adjusting technology and social media habits, and practice self awareness are other discussions in the article.

As many of you know, I am a committed Christian. As I was working through my grief after my diagnosis, I really relied on God’s word and His promises to change my mindset.  It’s the only thing I have found that allows me to move from fear to hope.

Other articles include “Come chat with MSAA”, “Tired all the time, is it sleepiness or is it fatigue?”

The featured story this week is “Nadine’s 41 year story”.  Nadine was diagnosed in 1975 at the age of 22.  She was initially told that her brain was inflamed and to just go home and not worry.  Boy, does that sound typical? Even with all of the changes and increased information in 2017.  She says that having a positive attitude and living life slower pace has helped her.  I have also  had to slow down, in spite of being a Type A person!

This newsletter also has a featured poll each week. This week the poll is looking to see if your pet comforts you when you’re not feeling well. Currently the poll is 81% yes, 16% do not have a pet, and 3% indicated that their pet does not comfort them when they’re feeling well.  That surprised me–why have a pet if it does not comfort you?

I often forward this to my close friends and family so they can learn more about this crazy disease.

A friend of mine, who also has MS, got me connected to Multiple Sclerosis News Today.  I really enjoy their articles as well. I know that there’s a lot of information out there about MS. And sometimes it makes us more fearful, instead of allowing us to find peace in the knowledge.  At the same time, I want to be a lifelong learner. This includes learning more about multiple sclerosis and connecting with others that have multiple sclerosis. I think that’s a good thing!



6 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Resources

  1. Keep your faith in God, for all things happen according to His will. You don’t want to disconnect from the source of all possibilities. It is also good to make friends and build a network of others who have MS as they understand better than any other human being what your challenges are. Good post!


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