Positive Vibrations from Oaktown Vibes

I, but probably not you, need to remember this when life seems to be too tough!

Genius Unbound

Regardless to what cynical people say or those who give up on something they love, you win 100% of time when you focus 100% of your energy on making the dream work. Those who say they’re just being realistic are only saying that because their scared to get their hopes up just to get a negative out come. Believing that there’s a chance that the idea won’t work is like slashing all 4 of your tires before you even get on the road. Over 90% of the worlds population is cynical about their own dreams, and as a result, they settle for what’s safe…be the less than 10% that actually wins. Expect to win, play to win and don’t stop until you win.

If this post has inspired you in anyway, please spread the positive vibes, reblog and share where ever you see fit. Smile for me!

Oaktown Vibes

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