Pain in the neck, or in my case the back

This morning after my swim I was in the locker room getting ready to take a shower. And I dropped my towel. No big deal right? Well it turned out to be. As I was standing up my lower back below my waist all the way across from one side to the other started spasming and cramping. That has never happened before! It was actually pretty scary.

I got to the shower by hobbling.  Then I got through the shower only by holding onto the rails around three sides.  I hobbled home, had breakfast, got ready for a meeting at the Billy Graham training center.  The cramping I was feeling stayed all the way there and all the way through my meeting.

Then I drove to Taco Bell for a quick bite.  I had another meeting at my church.  Again the cramping was pretty painful. I can sit OK but standing and walking are very painful.   I had my cane with me all day just to get from one point to the next.

I’ve had ice on it intermidantly for about five hours.   It is still painful to stand and walk. I really hope this does not last into tomorrow. I would love your prayers!


19 thoughts on “Pain in the neck, or in my case the back

  1. I had this quite often until I learned how to avoid it by visiting a physiotherapist. It takes quite some time to do this without thinking, but for example before you bend down or stoop always hold your stomach muscles in and keep them held in until you stand up again. It will help to avoid painful back muscle spasms that increase as we get older and can last for a week or more. Also if you have to sit for long periods of time, every now and then rotate your hips slightly one way and then the other as you sit. It will help to keep your back supple. Hope the pain soon goes!


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