A Voice of the Old Fashioned Kind (Daily Word Prompt is Replacement)

Going low tech!

My Loud Whispers of Hope

Texting on phones has become the replacement of choice

instead of speaking with our beautiful God given voice.

The emotions we cannot hear,

anger or sadly wiping of a tear.

Missing the true meaning behind the words that we text

replying back inappropriately not knowing what to say next.

Sometimes sentences are shortened and words are left out

causing misunderstandings and anger, making one shout.

I speak using many words and have a lot to say,

to text all my words could take more than a day.

Each letter I slowly peck, peck and peck

also making many mistakes, what the heck?

One letter at time, spelling each word

that is ridiculous and absolutely absurd!

I speak well,

you can tell.

At texting I’m no good,

but I know that I should.

Texting is what my children like to do,

so I must become better and faster at it too.

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