Four Firemen in My Bedroom

A funny thing happened  a while ago. My mother likes to be warm, and I’d like to be cool. As many of you know, MS and getting overheated it’s not a good situation!

So it was a warm day, and my mother doesn’t like to put the air conditioning on because she gets too cold. So I decided to open my window in my bedroom and let the cool air come in. 

My bed is about eight inches away from the window because of the air vent. I was closing the window in the evening with one leg in between the window and bed. That was my right leg, and my left leg was on the bed. I was reaching to my right and putting weight on my right leg. My right leg is a lot weaker than my left leg, and that’s the side that I have drop foot as well.  

And I started to lose the ability to stand on that leg, so I started slipping in between the bed and the wall. I tried to right myself several times, but I kept slipping further and further onto the floor.  So, I was lying on my right side with my back against the wall and my front against the bed. My mother, who is eighty-nine, was not able to move the bed. 

So we had to call the fire department to come and move the bed and pick me up off the floor. I told the four good looking, buff men that no Facebook pictures were allowed! They asked me if Twitter was OK. I definitely said no! 

If it wasn’t so comical, it would be very tragic, especially if I was alone. Since then my mother has said that we can put on the air conditioning. She’ll just put on more clothes!


7 thoughts on “Four Firemen in My Bedroom

  1. Great story. In my experience those firemen seem to always be good looking. It must be z prerequisite for hiring. Lol. Thanks for your post. Funny but I am sure it was not fun to deal with. Sorry your MS caused that to happen… But so very happy you were rescued by 4 good looking men. Nice!!!

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