The Joy of Reading

I love this story!

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

On the BBC News app recently was an article about an 86 year old lady Ursula Shepherd, who lives in Devon and is learning to read with tutors from LearnDevon, which encompasses adult and community learning courses run by Devon County Council.   She is coming along in leaps and bounds, and her goal is to be able to go to the library and pick out a book to read.  Ursula says that as a schoolgirl in the 1930’s, her teachers did not really care if she was educated or not.

I am so pleased that Ursula is finally discovering the joy of reading.  I taught both my sons to read before they went to school, as my mother did for me.  As a child I would walk with my father to our local library once a week, where I would search for the latest Enid Blyton book or one of the Nancy Drew mysteries that I…

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