Shingles and MS research

Below is a link stating the top 10 most read articles by MS Weekly News.  I found them all interesting, but one stood out.  It said that there might be a correlation between taking Tecfidera and shingles.  After a fall in December of 2015, I thought I had rug burns on my back.  It took a couple of days, but then the shingles started to appear.  Let me be one that says shingles are horrible.  I thought my pain would never end.  It did of course, but it was a tough road.  I was taking Tecfidera at the time.  I eventually was taken off due to my white blood cell count bottoming out.  Which may also be linked to the shingles.  Anyway you look at it, it was a bad experience!!


4 thoughts on “Shingles and MS research

      1. Even though I don’t have MS, that’s the approach my husband and I are taking regarding the shot as our insurance ‘pays’ for it under circumstances our state doesn’t provide! Crazy but that’s how insurance can claim coverage but not provide it!!! Like you said, we pray for protection and know He is faithful in providing true ‘health coverage’
        special blessings to you and wisdom as you continue to navigate the maze of MS –


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