More good information about fatigue and MS

I know I’ve shared a couple different articles about fatigue already. But I keep learning about it, and gaining new insights. So I wanted to share.
The first article is entitled:  What Causes the Mental Exhaustion of MS?

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta

“… unlike physical fatigue, mental fatigue doesn’t seem to affect your ability. For example, if I do push-ups over and over, eventually I’m not going to be able to do any more. So this kind of fatigue can be measured. I keep doing push-ups until eventually my muscles just give out.
But if I do math problems, eventually I am going to get tired. But I can continue to do these math problems, and do them just as well. That’s in part why this sort of fatigue is harder to measure.
At least it was, until this machine came along: the fMRI, or functional MRI. It can monitor the brain in real time and see what parts are working hardest.”

Here is the link:

The second is: Some Things I Wish People Knew About MS-related Fatigue 

Devin Garlit says “While the topic of fatigue has been covered a lot, I wanted to write something that could be shared with those who don’t have MS, those who may not understand fatigue. Basically, some things that I wish everyone knew about fatigue.”

Here is the link:


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